Pictor Digital Signage


Managing a digital signage system has never been so easy.

For testing, you can download both programs to the same Windows computer.

Digital Signage 8 (2)

Current version:, publication date: 10.04.2024.

See the application’s publication history.

Management software

Pictor Manager

You install this program on the computer from which you want to manage the player (computer with Pictor Player). You can install it on any number of computers.

Demo version

Even if you are testing Pictor then you should download Pictor Manager to manage the player under test (computer with Pictor Player).


Pictor Player

This program is installed on the computer acting as a player. This computer is connected via HDMI output to a screen that displays preset multimedia content.

Demo version

You can download Pictor Player and test it on any computer. In the demo version, the program displays an additional caption with relevant information in the center of the screen. All other functionalities work as in the full version.

User Manual

You can also find it in the programs menu.

Pictor Manager

Android app

With the Pictor Manager mobile app for Android, you can check and change the content displayed on your monitors from anywhere in the world. Now you will do it even faster and easier.

The mobile app allows basic configuration. The Pictor Manager application for Windows is used to configure all functions.

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