Pictor Digital Signage

Create, manage, enchant

Visual communication unbound

High-tech software designed to manage digital content on monitors.

Created with passion

The Pictor system is Unique Scalable Modern

Pictor Digital Signage is developed by a team of specialists with the goal of providing the highest quality and innovation.

It is a unique system, built from the ground up to provide unparalleled digital content management capabilities.

Remote managing

Unique management model

Link direct

You know the player’s unique ID number and password, and you can connect to it directly from anywhere in the world.

Managing a digital signage system has never been so easy.

Full control

Preview live

No matter where you are, you can see the live image that is currently displayed on the monitor. After editing the content, you can easily check how it looks on the screen. Now nothing will escape your attention.

Live preview
Direct connection

Speed of response

Immediate content update

The program dynamically updates the displayed content in real time. Any change in the data is immediately reflected in the content presented to the user.

See video

Example screen appearance

Play Video

For whom?


Health care

Used in medical facilities to provide information about services and personnel.

Corporate communications

Used in companies to share news and indicators with employees.

Schools and universities

It provides information about events and activities and disseminates educational content.

Advertising and promotion

Used in stores and public places to display offers and product information.

Catering and hospitality

Presents menus, offers and availability information at restaurants and hotels.

Railway stations and airports

It informs about schedules and delays at places such as airports and stations.


For presenting content that increases sales and improves the shopping experience.


Presents organizational information, procedures and hours of operation.

What else can Pictor do?

Explore more features

Image and video files, text ads, documents, PDF, DOC, tables, countdown, weather forecasts, air quality and much more.

You can divide the monitor screen into multiple independent regions. With regions, for example, you can display fixed information in a selected part of the screen.

You can define multiple playlists containing different content and set a schedule at what time to display a particular playlist.

You can create general and detailed display reports for a selected period of time. Reports can be saved to a PDF file.

Facts and trivia from various fields: history, physics, technology, biology and much more. Prepared for each day or week of the year, so that the content does not bore the audience.

*Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planning, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

Websites, html widgets, IP cameras, RSS feeds, weather forecasts, air quality, databases.

The program can put the computer to sleep and wake it up according to a weekly schedule.

Didn't find the functionality you needed?

Why choose Pictor

Content validity

Quickly updating content is especially important for changing promotions, information, events.

Improving communication

In enterprises and institutions, a tool for communicating information to employees, increasing awareness and involvement.

Attention of recipients

Dynamic content is much more effective in attracting attention and increasing audience engagement.

More sales

Promoting products and services at the point of sale and displaying reviews and recommendations positively influences purchasing decisions.


Discover a new dimension
visual communication!

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