Improving the schedule record (automatic exit from the edited cell).
Updating the display of a single item when it changes.
New types of licenses.

Improved compatibility with players in version below 3.15.
Subscriptions and License Distribution into Packages.
Visual changes in Manager.

Adding time and date stamps to the title and content of text ads.
Option to limit the display of the playlist item for selected days of the week and hours.
Change the color scheme of Pictor Manager.
Fixed removal of registered player from Pictor Manager.

Change the default appearance / layout.
Give your appearances / layouts your own names.
Option to choose a configurable appearance for playlists.
Prompt to save changes before exiting the tab.
Graying out of selected buttons, save if no changes have been made.
Extending the font color configuration options.
Playlists – option to add another playlist (shortcut to enable playlist activity)
Updated demo playlists.

Improved playback of IP cameras (switching regions from the calendar, pausing the stream).
Restart the player from the Manager level.
Option to check and download updates from the program menu.
Playlist calendar – option to uncheck an entry’s activity from the list level and context menu to select all.
Movies and cameras – option to adjust the voice level and complete mute.
Date and time bar – improve time position changes.
Option to set fonts for titles and descriptions for the region and individually for the content.
Text ads – margin reduction.
Option to add multiple lines in the text type text for the day of the year.
Manager – simplified adding content.
Option to add and remove content from multiple screens at once.
Event log – saving the region number for events and logging rss channel communication.
Manager – transfer of the registration of a new screen to the list of screens.
Manager – change of appearance.
Player – stability improvement.
Improving translations.

Self-activation of the license.
Double Pictor Player lock.
Change the default data directory to CommonAppData.
The version number on the run screen.
Improved uploading files to FTP (restoring the directory structure).

Users’ rights to add specific content.
Double image – a new kind of slide.
New region layout: 2 regions on the right.
New region layout: Multiple Regions + Layout Wizard.
Change the look of the region selection, playlist and info bars.
Pictor Manager – speed up startup with multiple screens.
Minor visual fixes.
Region names.
View of the quick selection of the active playlist.
Newsbars – Multiple RSS feeds.
Improvement to full size recovery after disconnecting / reconnecting the monitor.

Viewing doc, docx documents.
Change the display of pdf documents.
Option to not hide the mouse cursor.
Option to show the on-screen keyboard for html slides (form filling).
Minor visual fixes.

Playing mp3 music files.
Art-Net protocol: change of displayed content by changing channel values.
Keyboard shortcuts for displaying selected content.
4K video.
Improvement of the buttons of the interactive menu.